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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Stinky News...


It’s a very busy time at the FDA this week.  Yesterday, FDA  issued its Field Enforcement Report for recalled foods, drugs and medical devices—29 pages worth!  It was so long and tedious to read through that I have divided it up into four separate posts.  (You can find the links in the side bar on the right of this page.)  This way, if you’re interested in recalled foods you can go straight to that.  If you’re interested in products your pet might use, it will be under Veterinary, and so on.
An interesting situation that keeps recurring lately is that psychotropic drugs are being implicated in more and more serious and diverse reactions, interactions and the initiation of new disease processes.  I cannot emphasize strongly enough that before you or a loved-one embarks upon taking any of these drugs, you should do diligent research into what their side-effects are!  All these new drugs are nothing more than a money-making mass experiment on the general population which results in 100’s of thousands of deaths each year.  See: clipped from Google - 7/2011
Another trend I’ve noticed is that Tylenol® and Rolaids® products are forever in the news because of some mysterious stench associated with the medication.
The industry keeps citing that their products were stacked on stinky pallets, and similar explanations.  …excuse  me?  Something about that doesn’t wash with me.  I’ve been around a lot of dirty pallets—some so decrepit that they were being tossed out, and I simply cannot imagine a *usable* pallet that would smell so offensively as to permeate the palletizing wrap, the PVC plastic and foil medication safety packaging and saturate its contents to such alarming levels!  Hamlet was right…”Something is rotten…” Anyway, “forewarned is fore armed,” as they say.  So “heads up” and keep an eye open for more on this!

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